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An outdoor installation as part of the show Atrium, curated by Jasmin Vardi at the "Tel Aviv Artists' Studios", Tel Aviv, Israel [8-9.2017] 

Noon Tzadik | 2017, MDF, beech wood dowels, wood glue and wood paint, 66X66X24.4 cm

Noon Tzadik

Untitled [Roots] | 2017, in collaboration with Ira Shalit, Itoong bricks and white cement, 300X420X12 cm

Untitled [Roots]
Untitled [Roots]

To Esteban | 2017, white cement, sand and pleeze, 69X69X8 cm [each]

To Esteban | one out of a duo 69X69X8 cm 

To Esteban | detail 

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